List of Walks

Our programme of walks, coach tours and lectures is growing. Please check back on this page for the latest list and CONTACT US to enquire about private bookings for your college, school, club, colleagues or social group.

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Zeppelin Terror Over London – Follow the path of destruction from Holborn across the City of London in the City’s first deadly Zeppelin raid in 1915.

The Last Journey of the Unknown Warrior – Follow the route in London taken by the cortège of the Unknown British Warrior in 1920, Victoria Station to Westminster Abbey, via Buckingham Palace.

The Great War Walk – Westminster and The First World War. A walk through historic Whitehall that introduces the key characters and key buildings associated with the Great War.

Deeds Not Words – Women In The First World War. A walking tour through central London focusing on how women ‘did their bit’ during the war including suffragettes, munitionettes, police patrols, nurses.

Thames, Trade, Jack Tars & Torpedoes. – A walk along the lovely Thames Embankment looking at how London’s port and global sea-routes were affected by hostilities in the run-up and during the First World War: Royal Navy sailors and submariners, merchant mariners, fisheries fleet.

The Lion’s Roar – A walking tour through the heart of Empire in central London recalling the amazing feats of Britain’s colonies and dominions – Canada, India, Africa, West Indies, New Zealand and Australia – when they answered ‘the Lion’s Roar’ to defend the mother country in 1914.

America Arrives – A walk through London’s historic West End following the route taken by President Wilson en route to Buckingham Palace and his official welcome by King George V. United States manpower and money swung the war finally in the Allies’ favour and created the modern day superpower.

Michael Collins and Ireland’s Great War Agony – A walk through Hammersmith in west London recalling the great Irish revolutionary’s years in London leading to the Easter Rising in Dublin, an event that galvanised leaders such as Lenin, Gandhi, Lloyd George and Winston Churchill.

Finchley Goes To War – A north London suburb offering an excellent glimpse into family life on the Home Front – recruitment, convalescent hospitals, war production, even farming. Not just a fascinating glimpse into a bygone age, this is also the home of John Parr – first British soldier to die in the war – and location of one of the more unusual memorials to war-time events, the famous ‘Naked Lady’ statue. This walk may be combined with a visit to the ‘First World War In The Air’ special exhibition at the RAF Museum, Colindale.

The Thankful Villages of the Great War – Some 16,000 communities in Britain sent troops to serve in the Great War. Yet only about 50 saw all their men return. These are the ‘Thankful Villages’ and this lecture tells their story.

Folkestone – Last Sight of Home or Finally Rescued – A major point of embarkation for troops, nurses, support personnel and materiel heading to the Western Front, as well as refugees escaping from the continent, this Kent port also became a major centre for Allied military intelligence and targeted by German spies. This walk tells their story and visits the town’s poignant new memorial ‘Step short’.

Manchester and World War One – Follow the city’s vital role throughout the war and see how the lives of locals were changed forever through technology, changes in society and poignant memories.

UnknownChester in 1914 – What life was like for people in Chester in early 1914, where they shopped and worked, what they did at school, and how they entertained themselves before the violence of war took over.

Any of our walks may be combined with a visit to a relevant local site e.g.  Imperial War Museum, art galleries, monuments or museums with exhibits relating to the war.


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