Whitehall and the Great War

images-3This Blue Badge World War One walk takes you through one of the world’s great cockpits of governance – London’s Whitehall.

This is the heartland of the Great War years, and your surroundings are little changed from a century ago, when the war to end all wars shattered Europe.


Embankment Gardens, Horse Guards Parade, the Old War Office, Westminster Abbey, Parliament Square and the great ceremonial highway itself, Whitehall.

This is, after all, in part a World Heritage Site and en route your Blue Badge guide will touch on many of the themes of the War – the Defence of the Realm Act, the role of the Royals, technical advances such as the tank, the US position and the vital part women played that ultimately brought them the hard-earned vote.

You will pass monuments and buildings forever associated with the giants of the 1914 – 1918 years – General Haig, Lloyd-George, Rudyard Kipling, Mrs Pankhurst, Sir Edward Grey and much else.

images-1What you see is in fact little altered from those momentous years.

An unmissable tour through an unforgettable part of the Capital, lead by Britain’s best tourist guides.

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