The Empire Answers The Lion’s Roar

The Indian army volunteered

World War One saw Britain’s colonies make a huge contribution to the war effort of the motherland. There were seven million men under arms for Britain; 70% were British/Irish, 15% from the white dominions, and 15% from India/Africa.

This walk celebrates the modern British Commonwealth and hails an international achievement that saw a transition from dependence and exploitation to one of mutual respect – founded on the three pillars of democracy – free elections, a free press and a free judiciary. And cricket.

The route takes in the magnificent Commonwealth memorials that decorate London’s Green Park and Hyde Park Corner and takes you through the beating heart of ceremonial London – Constitution Hill, the Victoria Memorial, the Mall and St James Park.


By dragging the four quarters of the world into Europe’s civil war, Britain changed the planet. It exposed native colonial peoples to ideas such as self determination, and heightened their sense of self worth.

Come and hear a few of those incredible stories. The walk starts from the Buckingham Palace exit from Green Park tube station.


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