imagesRelive the twenty minutes of terror on the night of 8th September 1915 when Navy Zeppelin L13 blasted and burned its way from Holborn to Bishopsgate, mounting the first effective air raid on London. Total war had arrived over the heads of Londoners.

This fascinating Blue Badge World War One walking tour slices diagonally across the City while revealing how London, the largest city on earth at the time, had to invent a whole new war strategy – air raid defence.


Zeppelin sign The fact that London was able to defend itself at all was largely down to the dynamic Navy Secretary, one Winston Spencer Churchill aka ‘the Flying Cabinet Minister’. Churchill, a toff, had aristocratic friends who were flying nuts so he fully appreciated the potential of the new war medium, whereas the Army high command dismissed flying as just a pastime for rich boys.


Churchill WW1Churchill established fighter bases around London and linked them all with hot-line telephones, and organized the first strategic bombing raid in history, sending his Navy fighter bombers against Zeppelin sheds in Northern Germany.

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